Sunday, January 16, 2011

IshuNET Report #03-122-AL02=B (What am I doing?)

Private Log Entry..

For four years I have had my capsuleer license, four simple years. I have been in space since the beginning of my career with the Ishukone Watch back in YC 88, I envy the memories I have. So little responsibility, so little impact I made if I made a error on a task.

I remember how I was "granted" this curse, my unbecoming behavior.. causing dissent, causing nothing but problems for the people who promote dishonorable behavior like Heth, perhaps Pierta Kunno-haani was right. She was the overseer while I was detained for my actions, smart women, though in the end she was as misguided as me.

Would I do it again?

I look back on it now, I may have been taught how to work with the veil of darkness over my head as many other Caldari citizens have over theirs today.. but that day is when it was taken off for me and I seen what corruption has brought to our people... Ishukone trusted me for this position for a reason, a reason beyond my grasp.. look what I have become.

I must continue this struggle, for the State when it needs me most.. when I need it most. The struggle that all capsuleers have within the heart of their very souls. Not between good or evil, I have come to learn its not that easy.. but between right and wrong, something that cant be written in a Corporate Policy, or Military Regulation but a Human sense.. a Human instinct all children grow with, and one that is stolen from them.

Executor-Revenent Signing Off
IshuNET Report #03-122-AL02=B

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

IshuNET Report #02-129-BL23=A (Confessions of a Corrupt soul?)

Well where to start...

Where to start... With the itinerary of a Mega-Executor there is no definable area to cover in a private log such as this, and even then isk can only buy so much privacy. I guess I will start with who I am, John Revenent.. a awkward name by Caldari standards, and maybe a practical joke by some of the personnel. I was born... or produced as some would like to think of a Tube Child in a Testing Facility controled by the Ishukone Mega-Corporation on YC70.

My childhood, something a person wishes he would forget.. but one of the type of things that will never leave someone afterall the punishment is what makes you who you are, no? Tough.. hardened.. broken? I do not know what it made me, perhaps a monster in some eyes, and a saint in others. All that matters is that I get the job done, at any cost. Men.. women, children have all been sacrificed for State, and Corporation.

Is Duty, Honor, and Reputation worth the loss of a family, or a small child. While I have never had a "family" to call my own, I can only think of how twisted of a man I am.. If I am even one anymore. I kill with no thought, I destroy with pleasure. This is not human nature.

Chaos fills my mind..

The thing that lets me sleep at night is knowing change will come to the State under its chaotic reign, as it will come to me, be it forced or through peace.. it will change, or be destroyed.

Executor-Revenent Signing off.....
IshuNET Report #02-129-BL23=A